Mantra Yoga

                            An old tradition from India                           


Mantra Meditation is practiced since thousands of years in India.

The word mantra is made from two sanskrit words: mana and atra.

Mana means “the mind” and atra means “to free”.


A mantra is a specific sound vibration

able to free those who practice it from the grip of their mind


Modern life often compel us to ignore or overlook the basics needs of our inner self:

happiness, peace and serenity.

Since the late 60s, all kind of yoga and therapeutic techniques from Asia have been introduced in western countries,

Amongst them, we find the art of reciting mantras.


This workshop leads everyone to rediscover this simple and easy practice.


Our intention may be personal (direct appeal to God)

or impersonal (addressing His universal light effulgence),


Practicing the recitation of a Mantra

opens a channel of extremely positive energy


 Calms down the mind

Dispels anxiety and stress

Increases self confidence

Can solve all conflicts

Help to find the meaning of life