Sound massage

 This service is not available actually. Thank you for your understanding
Some types of sound pulsations emitted directly in the ears can induce,
speed up or slow down the frequency of brain waves.
To improve the quality of relaxation and sleep, for example,
we “invite” the brain to slow the pace of its waves.
We can also improve the coherence of the nerve impulses of neurons,
by Brainwave synchronization,
which translates on the Electro-encephalogram by waves of greater amplitude.


Teaching the art of the voice and Singing Sanskrit Sound Vibrations or “Mantras” for 30 years

leads me to develop  a spiritual healing method:

Singing harmonic sounds on strategic part of the body.

These frequencies enter deeply into our subtle bodies
and help to inhance a better reconnexion with our self-healing’s system.






1 Sound massage (harmonic sounds sung with or without crystals)


+ 3 month cure of informed water to clear past traumatic memories
+ Diet regulation according to your needs and nature
+ Personnalised cure of floral elixirs to balance your emotional body
+ Personal Coaching







Often when we talk about “Self healing”,
we think of something that doesn’t really exist
but could maybe work if we strongly believe in it.




Self healing system exist !!!

genuinely on the physiological plan

It has been scientifically demonstrated more than 50 years ago.

Discovered in North Corea in 1966

before falling into oblivion to be eventually

rediscovered by South Corean researchers in 2000
 who named it Primo Vascular System.




But what raises interest the most to the Scientist in this discovery
is that this system has microscopic  and translucide canals in which flows a liquide,the sanal, that
contains stem cells able to regenerate the organs it is linked to.
In these canals are also found nodes located right under the energetic points
classified and mapped out by the Ayurvedic and chinese tradition for thousand of years.
When these points get stimulated by a massage, a needle, a sound frequency,
they release an electric current that runs along the canals and will allow
the different organs to be fed through big energy centers henceforth acting like turbines.
This shows the accuracy and considerable amount of knowledge the Ancients had.
These discoveries are crucial because they explain why the so called « alternative medicines »
wrongly mentioned as « complementary » are successfull and sometimes more efficient
than conventional medicine especially when they have their own  diagnostic method.