Claire Mazal

Born in France, she went through an unusual background:


After a 10 years Ashram experience to study and practice the Vedic philosophy  of Bhakti Yoga, she worked another 10 years as a singing teacher, choir conductor and Director of opera for children in music academy, primary schools, high school and adults choirs.


In 2008, she left the field of music to mainly devote herself to personal guidance through channeling and energetic healing.


Over the years, she focused on therapeutic practices based on the principle of Bio resonnance and high frequency field particularly through informed water combined with harmonic singing in sound massages.


She founds out these technics are able to clear and release our traumatic emotional memories, blocked since lives in our gross and subtle bodies.


But what she finds the most interesting and powerful, is the impact of sacred vibrations of sanskrit mantras, as a unique inclusive method to raise the frequencies of our consciousness, real dynamic underneath.


She now offers to everyone the possibility of an inner transformation through life coaching in individual session, and collective workshops on Voice Yoga and Mantra Meditation.