Towards Transformation…

You are a click from a quantum jump in your life…

A Daily Art Of Living ?

Modern society tries to make us believe by its frantic marketing that happiness is for sale and, helped by advertising industries, they are ready to try anything. But illness, depression, burnout and suicide continues to rise. Did we lose as a society, the way of ourselves and are we walking on the head? In order to restore this essential balance, which is an indispensable condition to the outbreak of happiness, a return to basics is necessary. “Be well in mind and body” is the first order of our pilgrimage to the source.

Three key steps on the way:

  • Respect for our body: Find a diet that suits you
  • Self-respect: Learn how to say Yes or No
  • Search of our true Identity: Who am I ? Where did I come from ? Where I’m going?

I accompany you on this journey according to your needs and at your own pace, through individual session or group seminars or workshops.



Individual session : 2H

Complete overview. Allows you to evaluate your real needs

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Individual session : 1H

Innovative therapeutic practice acts as a catalyst for your self-healing system

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Individual session : 1H

Useful to take stock, to see more clearly, to make a decision or to leave a complex situation

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Group session : 1h30

Free Singing is good for heart and soul. It helps you overcome emotional barriers.

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Collective Workshop: 2h

A revival initiation to a ancient spiritual practice. Bring peace of mind and happiness

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Training Group: 2h

Group of practice of devotional songs of India related to the Bhakti Yoga tradition

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During coaching sessions with Claire, I was able to express my wishes and challenges. Claire not only knows how to listen  but more importantly she has understood my needs and helped me to face them.

Very efficient coaching done with trust, in a direct and open mind. Phil P.

I saw Claire several times and I’ve always had an honest answer, never complacent. Thank you even if it is not always easy to integrate.

I can only highly recommend her. Aline M.

I met with Claire in April 2016, I was at that time in a need to be guided. I was a bit reluctant on this type of remote “connection” by telephone, but I quickly realized that Claire is really far away from the usual picture of the “witch” with a crystal ball. Claire guides her visitors on a deeper meaning of life, she is deeply helping others with her heart and she is very into spirituality. Claire helped me a lot, her support and advice have been major on my path of life. Yvan G

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